Secrets from the Eating Lab – by Traci Mann, PhD

Winner of the 2014 Society for Personality and Social Psychology Book Award

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Is it my fault if my diet doesn't work?

No! Your body is set up to make it nearly impossible to keep weight off.

Do I have less willpower than everyone else?

No! When it comes to food, nobody has enough. Willpower is not the secret to weight loss.

What is a reasonalbe goal weight?

Your leanest livable weight, which is the weight at the low end of your set range. It's healthy and easy to maintain.

If I don't diet, won't I gain a lot of weight?

No! Your body will work hard to keep you in your set weight range.

Can I be healthy if I don't lose weight?

Yes! Regardless of your weight, exercise will make you healthier.

What are smart regulation strategies?

They are 12 strategies that help you regulate your eating easily, without having to use willpower.