Traci Mann

Professor and author at the university of minnesota

Traci Mann, Ph.D. is a Professor of Social and Health Psychology at the University of Minnesota. Her research aims to identify and understand the behaviors associated with eating regulation and body image as well as the process of self-control during health behavior changes. Traci is principal investigator of the Health and Eating Laboratory, which uses diverse research methods to study interesting topics such as increasing food consumption in NASA astronauts, increasing vegetable intake in elementary school children, and the ability of foods to reduce social and physical pain.

For more information about Traci's book, Secrets from the Eating Lab, click here.

Graduate Students

Heather Scherschel

Heather graduated from Indiana University with a bachelor of arts in Psychology. Currently, Heather is working on her dissertation and teaches classes at the University of Minnesota and Augsburg College. Her interests include the self-regulation of dietary behavior and the effect of food labels on snack choices and role of comfort food on physical and social pain.

Mary Panos

Mary graduated from Cornell University in 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Economics. Mary is interested in the social influences of eating and exercise behavior, the emotional effects of physical activity, as well as social comparison and social media. In her spare time, Mary is an avid runner.

Lisa Auster-Gussman

Lisa graduated from University of Richmond with a bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Lisa is interested in how people's mindsets and health beliefs affect their behavior including self-regulation, self-stigma, and stigma. She is particularly interested in how these ideas apply to eating and weight stigma.

Richie Lenne

Richie is the newest addition to the Mann Lab Family. While a student at Lewis and Clark College, Richie worked in the Behavioral Health and Social Psychology Lab and the Human-Computer Interaction Lab. After graduating with his bachelor of arts in 2011, Richie continued his research activities at the Child and Adolescent Health Measurement Initiative and Data Resource Center as well as the Berkeley Psychophysiology Lab. As a graduate student at the University of Minnesota he collaborates with Traci Mann and Alex Rothman.